Saturday, 17 May 2014

1967: TCN-9 News Advert featuring Brian Henderson & Ian Ross

Legendary newsreader Ian Ross died recently from Pancreatic Cancer at the age of 74. I recently found this advert promoting the return of TCN 9's News anchor Brian Henderson from holiday's in 1967.

  National Nine News Ad 1967 

Source: TCN-9. 1967. "TCN-9 News Advertisement". The Daily Telegraph, January 30, 4. 

Henderson led the team of reporters which included a young Ian Ross with his trademark hair. Other reporters on the team included Brian Bury (I remember him as the weatherman for Channel's 10 and 7 in the 1990's), David Low, Kevin Sanders, Bob Walters and Tony Charlton. Ian Ross had already established himself and was yet to make many more great achievements. We as Sydneysiders will miss him. Rest in Peace