Thursday, 8 May 2014

1988: The "Hi-Tech Inter-City Super-Train

Today the NSW State Government announced plans to accquire 65 new trains to run on intercity routes serving the regions surrounding Sydney. The Unsworth Government (ALP) in 1988 announced that new "supertrains" were due to come into service by the end of that year. It never happened.

1988 intercity trains march 23 1988

Source: Comeng. 1988. "Comeng to Supply Hi-Tech Inter-city Super-Train!" (Advertisement).The Daily Telegraph, March 3 1988, Page 13. 

Six years later we got modified outer suburban versions of the Tangara train with higher seats which could bend, luggage racks near the doors and toilets. They were merely scaled down from what was proposed. 2007 saw the introduction of OSCARS, which were really millennium trains modified again for outer suburban travel.