Saturday, 12 July 2014

Property Advert of the Week: Narellan Gardens (1990)

One of the first releases of land at Narellan in the south west occured in 1990 known as Narellan Gardens. The area itself has boomed in the quarter of the century since. It enjoys being located between the centres of Camden and Campbelltown.

The first release in February 1990 comprised of 45 blocks starting from $76 500 but you got 859 sq/m of land which is quite generous. Monarch Land were the developers.

The blocks of land are now in what has become the suburb of Narellan Vale.

As for the time spent commuting by rail, the advertisement is misleading in claiming it is 45 minutes by train to the city from the region. Several weeks ago, I pointed out that the trip takes about an hour. In the late 1980's and 1990's, the promise of high speed rail was in the news. Sadly that hasn't eventuated, and that would need a series of blog entries itself.

  Narellan Gardens Ad 1990 daily telegraph

Source: Monarch Land. 1990. "Narellan Gardens", The Daily Telegraph, February 16, 8. 

Did Narellan become "upmarket"? It depends on how you interpret it but it certainly has become a neighbourhood for the middle classes who aspire to have it all.  The parks, schools and shops (town centre) have all eventuated. In fact Narellan Vale and Mt Annan is where they seem to be concentrated.