Monday, 8 December 2014

1972: Inside the Sydney Airport Control Tower

This week, I share a feature from The Daily Telegraph in late 1972 that took readers inside the old control tower at Sydney Airport. In those days it had recently opened as part of the expansions to the airport during the late 1960's at a cost of $19 million. To build it today would equate to $200 000 000 according to the RBA Inflation Calculator. The control tower operated until 1996, when the current control tower opened on the opposite side of the North - South Runway.

The old control tower could handle up to 45 flights per hour (about half of today's maximum of eighty flights), while boasting that the radar covered the entire state of New South Wales.

The building has been remained idle, but there is the possibility it may be heritage listed in the future.

  Sydney Airport Control Tower December 1 1972 daily telegraph 30-31

Source: Behr, J. 1972. "$19m nerve centre." The Daily Telegraph. December 1, 30-31.