Monday, 30 March 2015

MILESTONE: Channel Ten Sydney Opens (1965)

In August last year, Channel Ten ran a special presentation to celebrate fifty years since the creation of the Ten Network (originally known as 0-10 Network) in Melbourne when ATV0 began broadcasting for the first time.

On Easter Sunday (April 5), it will be fifty years since the Channel Ten  became Sydney's fourth television channel and began broadcasting  in Sydney for the first time under the callsign TEN10,

The origins of Channel Ten date back to 1963 when United Telecasters were awarded the licence for Sydney's third commercial network. The consortium included: AWA, CSR, Email Ltd and the Bank of NSW (Westpac).

  Channel Ten TV Licence Awarded April 5 1963 daily mirror (1)Channel Ten TV Licence Awarded April 5 1963 daily mirror (2)

Source: Anonymous. 1963. "Channel 10, Sydney, in 18 months: AWA Group Gets TV Licence." The Daily Mirror, April 5: 1&2. 

The studios were built at North Ryde and channel ten remained there until 1990 when they relocated to inner city Ultimo. In 1997, they moved again to their current location at Pyrmont.

Network Ten Studios at Pyrmont. 
Photo taken by the Author.

I have managed to collect some promotional material from the Sydney papers relating to its launch in April 1965. The Daily Telegraph was the only paper to promote the new network. This was a two page advertisement to promote the opening night of programming including the first night's programs. "TV Spells Magic" involving hundreds of performers was to be the feature program in a 75 minute spectacular.

  Channel Ten Launch Ad April 5 1965 daily telegraph 19

Source: United Telecasters Sydney Ltd. 1965. "Turn to Ten Tonight (Advertisement). " The Daily Telegraph, April 5: 12 .

And here is an advertisement to promote the talent. The faces were not so well known because they wanted people that would be the stars of the future. A new channel was to comprise of new faces.

  Channel Ten Launch Ad April 2 1965 daily telegraph 12

Source: United Telecasters Sydney Ltd. 1965. "Ten's got the talent team (Advertisement). " The Daily Telegraph, April 2: 12 . 

Channel Ten launch April 4 1965 Sunday Telegraph  (6)

Source: United Telecasters Sydney Ltd. 1965. "Turn to Ten (Advertisement). " The Sunday Telegraph, April 4: .

Only The Sun provided a report on the opening night.

  TEN Sydney opens April 6 1965 The Sun 68

Source: Kessell, N. 1965. "A first night cast of 260." The Sun, April 6: 68.

And Frank Packer made sure that everyone knew that TCN9 was number one. Still I wonder why he'd be happy to advertise the competition in his papers?

  TCN9 Ad April 7 1965 daily telegraph 4

Source: TCN9. 1965. "9 is Still the No. 1 Station (Advertisement). " The Daily Telegraph, April 7: 4 .

This was the original ident that screened on channel ten in Sydney. In 1975 it was turned into colour. It remained the same until the mid 1980's.