Saturday, 18 July 2015

Property Advert of the Week: Greystanes Land Release (1966)

This week, our property advertisement dates from 1966. It was published on February 12, two days before the official conversion from pounds and pence to dollars and cents. Windsor Homes were offering blocks of land at "Merrylands" (Greystanes) for a deposit of just fifty pounds.

Fifteen blocks were on offer. Interested buyers had to meet the agents at the corner of Merrylands Road & Canal Street. I've included a link to the corner on Google Earth for those curious to see the area today.

  Merrylands Ad February 12 1966 daily telegraph 42

Source: Windsor Homes Pty. Ltd. 1966. "Bargain Sites: Merrylands (Advertisement)". The Daily Telegraph, February 12, 42.