Saturday, 12 September 2015

Property Advert of the Week: New Homes Sale, Wentworthville (1967)

This Week, we head to Wentworthville, where in 1967 you homes were on sale from 4350 pounds. Keep in mind that in 1967, real estate agents could still advertise in pounds as part of a two year transition period from the pound to the dollar.

According to the RBA inflation calculator the 4350 pounds would translate to $103 000 in todays money.

The ad is quite deceptive in terms of proximity to Wentworthville Station. You are in for a long walk if you need to catch a train.

Wentworthville Ad May 6 1967 daily telegraph 30

Source: Arthur Robinson Pty. Ltd. 1967. "New Homes Sale".  The Daily Telegraph, May 6: 30.