Monday, 2 November 2015

1993: Light Rail & Public consultation

With the light rail extensions now underway in central and eastern Sydney, I thought I'd cast our minds back to 1993, when the public were being invited to comment on what would become stage 1 in our current light rail network which was to operate from Central Railway Station to the Sydney Fish Markets.

Light Rail Submissions Ad October 13 1993 daily telegraph 14

Source: Department of Transport (NSW). 1993. "Light Rail Development Application" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph Mirror, October 13, 14. 

Within six months, tenders had been called for the 3.6km link. Note that they anticipated trams operating down George Street by 2000.  Light rail services commenced in August 1997.

Light Rail plans May 2 1994 daily telegraph 15

Source: McDougall, B. 1994. "Trams return to city: Plans for inner-suburban service". The Daily Telegraph Mirror,  May 2: 15.