Monday, 22 February 2016

1994: Phillip Cox slams Sydney Architecture

This week, I share an article from The Daily Telegraph in 1994 where Phillip Cox raises concerns that Sydney's reputation was being destroyed by poor architecture and urban planning. With the city recently handed the rights to the Olympics for the year 2000, the change needed to be done then.

City Planning March 15 1994 daily telegraph 4

McDougall, B. 1994. "Architect lashes city's ugly legacy". The Daily Telegraph, March 15: 4. 

Cox outed East Circular Quay (yet to be redeveloped), Cahill Expressway, Walsh and Lavender Bays for major surgery. East Circular Quay was redeveloped along with Walsh Bay, but has thrived. Walsh Bay has established itself as a cultural centre and the Barangaroo Development will propel it further.  The Cahill Expressway and Lavender Bay were (and still are) untouched.

A vision for Sydney was needed. I feel that this message is still ignored to this day. We need to ask ourselves where we want to head as a city? Do we want to be a centre for business? Do we want to be a centre for culture or focus on lifestyle? These are questions that must be answered.

He did raise some valid ideas like utilising the space in and around the Cahill Expressway to reduce its scale. The State Government recently indicated plans to redevelop the area with the areas at street level to be the focus.

And the Civic Improvment Squads could be a possible alternative to the dole, provided it gives people real skills needed for the workplace.