Monday, 11 April 2016

1966: The (new) Roseville Bridge Opens

This month marks a milestone for a Sydney bridge - The Roseville Bridge. It was officially opened on April 2 1966 by NSW Premier Sir Robert Askin.

Roseville Bridge opening April 3 1966 sunday telegraph 7

Source: Anonymous. 1966. "New Bridge to North:  6-lane link". The Sunday Telegraph, April 3: 7.

It was built to replace the original low level, single lane bridge which had opened to traffic in 1924. The original bridge would not be demolished until 1974, though there were calls to preserve the bridge for historical purposes.

The new bridge was six lanes wide, spanned 377 metres and was supported by six pylons.

It would allow for further development of the Northern Beaches, particularly Forestville, Frenchs Forest & Belrose, but also would open another route for commuters to travel into Sydney from the north and avoid the congestion around the Spit Bridge.