Monday, 9 May 2016

1983: Kenzo Tanges first World Square Scheme (Evolution of World Square)

After last week's post on the original plans for the redevelopment of World Square, I've decided to focus this week on the next major proposal which dates to 1983.

In 1981, Ipoh Gardens Berhad ended up with the site and had planned for a multi tower development just on the site of Anthony Horderns, including retaining some of its famous facade. There would also be a park in the middle.

Just two years, later the proposal was revised. Unlike the scheme proposed in 1981, it would now encompass the entire city block bounded by George, Goulburn, Pitt and Liverpool Streets.

Many will associate Kenzo Tange's involvement with the 1985 scheme, which is highly talked about because of the positioning of towers in the shape of the Lotus flower. You'll find out about that next week.

The scheme according to The Sydney Morning Herald on May 17 1983 comprised of three towers:

Tower 1 - 59 floors (Office & Residential)
Tower 2 - 53 floors (Hotel)
Tower 3 - 38 floors (Office)

The towers would rise over a four level podium. 

world square plan may 18 1983 daily telegraph

Source: Lawson, L. 1983. "$478m complex could replace Hordern building". The Daily Telegraph, May 18: 9.

Heritage experts were calling at least for the facade of Anthony Horderns to remain but it was argued that it would be too expensive to undertake, and that the facade lacked craftsmanship.

Construction was projected to take eight years, though The Sydney Morning Herald reported that it could be completed in six years.