Saturday, 18 June 2016

Property Advert of the Week: Cambridge Park House and Land Packages (1967)

This week's property advertisement dates back to 1967. Camillo Constructions had new homes for sale in Cambridge Park around College Street and Cambridge Street. I've included a link to the area today. £4950 ($9900) was all you needed to pay for your home. According to the RBA Inflation Calculator, this comes to around $120 000 in today's money. Cheap as chips.

Note: The advertiser was permitted to advertise in pounds as there was a two year transition period to Decimal Currency from February 14 1966. 

Camillo Construction Homes Ad May 6 1967 daily telegraph 30

Source: Camillo Constructions Pty. Ltd. 1967. Untitled (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph, May 6: 30.