Monday, 21 November 2016

1989: Origins of advertising on Sydney Trains.

Advertsing on a Sydney Train carriage. Photo taken by the Author (2016).
I remember back in 2013, when Sydney Trains decided to allow advertising on trains (inside and out) after a trial of advertising on the exteriors of two trains.

What I have noticed with the Liberal Government in NSW is that a number of their ideas while they may appear to be new, were actually on the drawing board when Nick Griener was premier. Think of his idea to remove (or reroute) the monorail. It took until 2013 for that to happen. 

So it seems that the O'Farrell/Baird Government has taken credit for ideas that were really Nick Grieners idea after all. 

Advertising on trains was considered back in 1989 and here is some proof. At the time it was being considered to aid in reducing the deficit that was incurred with running trains in NSW. In 1989, the government had undertaken a major reform of rail services across the state including cuts to rural rail services and job cuts as part of reducing operating costs.

Rail Ads March 16 1989 daily telegraph 1

Source, Grimshaw, P. 1989. "Sponsored Trains to Cut Costs". The Daily Telegraph, March 16, 1. 

Fast forward to now, Sydney Trains is still in deficit. Advertising revenue has been embraced as an opportunity and not as a negative, with the money to be invested across the rail network. I've included a report screened from Ten Eyewitness News (December 3 2013) to give an overview of the current approach.


It's an issue that will cause debate, but we have been used to advertising on buses for decades.