Monday, 20 November 2017

1987: Pitt Street Mall Opening Feature (The Daily Mirror)

Back in September, I posted an entry to mark the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Pitt Street Mall in September 1987.

I have since scanned in a supplement that was published in The Daily Mirror on September 23, 1987. It was to promote the retailers that were based in the mall (reported to be 500).

They did foresee the mall becoming a fashion destination!!!

The Daily Mirror was even predicting further closures of city streets to traffic, along with more underground walkways and skybridges by 2001. What happened to this idea? Why aren't we raising this in 2017? Sydney City Council at present has banned construction of skybridges for the fact they wreck the streetscape and views along city streets.

Also, I found this preview article from the September 18, 1987 edition of The Daily Mirror. 

Source: Darmody, J. "At Last, The Mall will be Opened". The Daily Mirror, September 18: 12 & 13.

Grace Bros (and other retailers) were permitted to trade through to midnight on September 23 as the mall marked its first night of Thursday night trading. Some advertisements do feature in the scans above.

Prouds was not in the mall but took advantage of its proximity to join in the celebrations.

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