Monday, 30 April 2018

1999: Carr Government Drops the Eastern Suburbs Light Rail Plan - A forerunner to trouble's in 2018?

Earlier this month, I shared an article on the 1997 proposal of the Carr Government to construct a light rail link from Central running along Anzac Parade to Kingsford, which formed the foundation for the current scheme.

While organising articles in recent times, I found an article from October 1999 where the plans were axed due to the cost of construction. Other factors included:

  • Concerns over the water table
  • Steepness of streets like Foveaux Street.
  • Lack of demand by commuters.
Note that as of April 2018, the cost of the Eastern Suburbs and CBD Light Rail expansion has blown out by $1.2 billion.

Is this a forerunner to the cost blowouts that we see in 2018 as construction continues?

Source: Bissett, K. 1999. "Light rail dumped: Link to east too costly". The Daily Telegraph, October 28: 20.

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