Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Christmas Snapshot: 1994

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

It is an annual custom to wind the clock back 25 years to remember how Sydney marked Christmas. This year it is 1994.

Usually, I have been able to share retail advertisements for Christmas, but at the time of going through the reel did not collate them.

Still, I have plenty to share.

Carols in The Domain was held on Saturday. Crowds in 1994 were reported to be 120 000, but I think the figure was more 100 000. For safety reasons, to attain that capacity is difficult today. 

Source: Gora, B. 1994. "Carols celebrate the spirit of Christmas". The Sunday Telegraph, December 18: 51.  

With Christmas Eve on the last Saturday before Christmas (Fell on a Sunday), the carols were held earlier than usual -  December 17.

The Sunday Telegraph was published on Christmas Day. Traditionally, newspapers do not publish on this day in Sydney.

Below is Page One plus a feature on those who had to spend the day working. We should be grateful to those who do have to work so that we can enjoy the day and keep essential services running.

As in 2019, NSW was affected by drought. I remember that it rained on Christmas Day in 1994. The rain stretched inland in parts of the state. The drought ended the following year. Could we see this in 2020? Below is coverage from The Daily Telegraph Mirror (26 December 1994).

The rain did not spoil celebrations for those at Bondi Beach (see above) with backpackers converging on the beach to celebrate the day together.

Finally, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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