Monday, 16 March 2020

1962: Double Decker Carriages

Sydney's Tulloch carriages were the first double decker carriages to operate in 1964 on the rail network. They could also be integrated with the "red rattler" carriages.

A train comprising of only double decker carriages was still a decade away when this article about double decker trains was published in The Sun Herald in 1962. The first Tulloch carriages were intended to be on the rail network in 1963, but had to wait a little longer.

Reporter Bob Johnson visited the workshops at Rhodes and was shown around a concept model. As you read through the article, he presented a positive review of what Sydney rail commuters were expecting. Compared to double decker buses, navigating the stairs to either the upper or lower deck was never going to be a challenge.

And it was seen as addressing overcrowding and capacity constraints on the existing rail network, though studies in recent times suggest single deck trains have lower dwell times and henceforth, more trains can operate.

Most of the article from The Sun Herald (September 30, 1962) can be read below:

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