Monday, 11 May 2020

2001: The QVB as Sydney's favourite building

In 2000, The State Chamber of Commerce surveyed Sydneysiders to identify Sydney's favourite building.

The winner was the Queen Victoria Building which received 33% of the vote.

This was followed by Sydney Tower in second place.

Rounding off the top five were:

3. The Sydney Opera House
4. The GPO
5. The Sydney Town Hall.

Results were released in early 2001.

Below is an article from The Daily Telegraph from January 2001.

Source: Skelsey, M. 2001. "Victoria's secret: QVB vote Sydney's favourite building." The Daily Telegraph, January 6: 7.

This is in stark contrast to the thoughts and minds of people in the 1960's when there were calls for the building to be demolished for a Civic Square and car park or even build a skyscraper.

We are blessed to have this building in our city. It adds grandeur and elegance to our city, but also provides our shoppers with a wonderful experience as they access the best shopping that a city can offer.

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