Saturday, 18 October 2014

Property Advert of the Week: Parsonage Gardens, Castle Hill (1970)

This week, we head to Castle Hill where in 1970, Parkes were selling blocks of land as part of its Parsonage Gardens estate. The $6500 for your block would equate to just under $69 000 in today's money as based on the RBA Inflation Calculator.

Housing lots as part of the estate were located on Excelsior Avenue, Parsonage Road, Dresden Avenue and Milguy Avenue.

Source: Parkes Sales Pty. Ltd. 1970. "Parsonage Gardens Castle Hills (Advertisement)." The Daily Telegraph, November 7: 33.  


Next Week's flashback will be on Wednesday instead of Monday. Wednesday will be 45 years to the day that Kmart first opened a store in Sydney and I have prepared an entry relating to that event. 

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