Friday, 17 April 2015

Property Advert of the Week: Melwood Heights Estate at Mt Pritchard (1967)

Our property advert of the week is again from 1967, but this time we head to the south west of Sydney. This advertisement was for the Melwood Heights Estate in Mt Pritchard that was built by George Hudson Homes. All homes were designed by an architect.

You'll notice that the price is listed in pounds as they were permitted for two years following 1966 to advertise the prices of goods and services in pounds. The deposit would have been $1190 given that two pounds equaled one dollar. According to the RBA inflation calculator, that is the equivalent of approximately $14 150 in today's money.

   Mt Pritchard and Fairfield  May 6 1967 daily telegraph 20

Source: George Hudson Homes. 1967. "George Hudson Homes: Mt Pritchard-Fairfield (Advertisement)." The Daily Telegraph, May 6: 20.

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