Monday, 6 March 2017

1990: Rain, Rain and More of the Same

The Sunday Telegraph reported yesterday that Sydney is not only facing a wetter than usual Autumn and Winter, but the city is also on a trend towards higher annual rainfalls, going against research that suggests that climate change will lead to a drier city.

For me, the rain when it comes seems to occur less often but when it does rain, it is more intense.

But I do have this clipping from The Daily Mirror published in 1990 where weather reporter Don White (still working at The Daily Telegraph) explains why Sydneysiders back then were being subjected to wet weather.

Both yesterdays article and the article from 1990 want to blame El Nino because it is being predicted that were due for one later this year.

Source: White, D. 1990. "Rain, Rain and More of the Same". The Daily Mirror, April 10: 20-21. 

And yes, some more rain is forecast this week. At least it's better than the 40-degree weather we had to put up with during our hottest summer on record in 2016-17.

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