Monday, 16 July 2018

1961: Early Scheme for Roselands

A few years ago, I shared some material on the opening of Roselands in 1965. Here is a "prequel" entry.

I recently found a proposed scheme for the Roselands Shopping Centre dating from 1961 which was approved by Canterbury Council. Instead of one big building housing all retailers (as they did) anchored by Grace Bros, this scheme had several buildings. It appears that there was even two open air squares.

Source: Anon. 1961. "New Shopping Centre". The Sydney Morning Herald, November 10: 6. 

Could Roselands have evolved differently had they gone with the scheme? Would we have seen a Warringah Mall style shopping centre, south of the Harbour Bridge?

Or would they have to demolish the centre or a major renovation may have had to occur in future years to bring it to date with retail trends? Some good What If's to answer.

The design for the original centre was finalised in 1964. Projected cost was five million pounds.

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