Monday, 10 September 2018

1990: NSW Government Proposal for outer Sydney rail line

With plans to extend the Leppington Rail Line to connect the new airport at Badgerys Creek to the existing rail network and possible extension through to St Marys, I came across an article from 1990 when the Greiner Government explored an option that is quite similar to the current plans.

It would run from St Marys to Campbelltown via Badgerys Creek.

Source: James, B. 1990. "Growth Suburbs Rail Link". The Daily Mirror, January 2: 7.

The current plans however would not see it extended through to Campbelltown, but rather to Narellan which is currently not served by rail.

2014-05-04 swrl-extension-corridor-map

Source: Transport Sydney. 2017. "Untitled" (Map). Transport Sydney (Accessed September 3, 2018).

As for a real connection to Campbelltown, while not explored, a Y link could be built at Glenfield to allow for direct services from Campbelltown.

The Labor Party however would look at a through link to Campbelltown (perhaps via Narellan?). This would also connect to the soon to be completed Sydney Metro Line from Rouse Hill to Chatswood.

Source: The Daily Telegraph. 2017. Untitled (map). The Daily Telegraph, (Accessed September 3, 2018).

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