Saturday, 14 June 2014

Property Advert of the Week: "Grand View" Estate, Leumeah (1972)

While this 1972 advertisement advertises the "Grand View" as being in Campbelltown, the estate was actually located in Leumeah as shown on the map at bottom right. $4950 would buy you a block of land. In today's money that would be about  $46 575 (RBA Inflation Calculator).

Back in those days, there was no East Hills Line and they were claiming that the trip from Leumeah to the city (via Granville) would take 61 minutes. Thanks to the construction of the East Hills Line from East Hills to Glenfield (T2 Airport Line) in 1987, that trip was shaved down to 50 minutes. However if you do wish to trek via Granville, takes longer than in 1972. It is 69 minutes and that's for an express service. 

The reference to the new shopping centre would be what is now Macarthur Square at Campbelltown. 

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Source: Parkes (Sales) Pty. Ltd. 1972 "Grand View Estate Campbelltown Advertisement". The Daily Telegraph, April 22, 43.