The start of the Indian-Pacific Rail Service (1970) - It became possible to travel from Sydney to Perth on one train.
East Hills Line Extension (1987)
Arrival of Tangara Trains (1988) - Our most viewed posting as of July 2018.
Advertising on Sydney Trains (1989) - Took nearly 25 years for it to happen!
Rail Strike of 1999

Trams & Monorail

Darling Harbour Monorail commences operation (1988)
Light Rail commences operation (1997)
Eastern Suburbs Light Rail proposal (1997)
Carr Government ditches Eastern Suburbs Light Rail plans (1999) - The concerns over the construction of the Eastern Suburbs Light Rail line were raised by the Carr Government in 1999, two decades before they appeared.
Monorail Commentary - I answer the question of the Monorail's impact on Sydney.


End of double decker bus services (1986) - They have returned to Sydney in the 2010's.
The start of Nightride Bus Services (1989)

Sydney Airport & Ports

Port Botany & Sydney Airport expansion scheme (1969)
Concorde visits Sydney (1972)

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