Monday, 17 August 2015

1972: The area with no name becomes Monterey

For eighteen years, I was raised in the suburb of Monterey (approximately 13km south of the city). Even in 2015, many Sydneysiders wouldn't have a clue of where it is nor its existence. The development of the area dates back to around a century ago, when the area was subdivided into what it is today. My childhood home in Robinson Street (no 22) I believe dates back to this time. But for this area, there was the question to be asked, where did they belong?

For decades people were giving their address as either Brighton-Le-Sands, Kogarah or Ramsgate. The first edition of the Gregorys Street Directory in 1934 would list streets like Robinson (Annie Street as it was known) as being in Rockdale.

But there were signs of a possible name - Monterey. A section of the suburb when subdivided was referred to as the Monterey Estate. The streets within the estate had Californian names like Pasadena Street. A small shopping centre developed in Chuter Avenue between Scarborough and Monterey Street. This included a post office (now a Pizza Cafe) which was known as the Monterey Post Office
So Rockdale Council in 1972 had to put the matter to rest. It surveyed people in what would become Monterey but also Ramsgate. 250 submissions were made from residents and Rockdale Council at a meeting in February settled on what is now the current boundaries. There were proposals to include parts of Kogarah and Ramsgate.

  Monterey proposal February 23 1972 The Leader 15 

Source: Anonmoyous. 1972. "Monterey Name for New Suburb of Rockdale".  The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader, February 23, 15.

 In November, it was offically gazetted by the Geographical Names Board.

  Monterey is gazetted November 8 1972 The Leader 42

Source: Anonmoyous. 1972. "Area of No Name Will Now Become Monterey". The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader, November 8, 42. 

Monterey to this day still remains a quiet suburb, even as Sydney changes around it. Many of the older homes have been knocked down and replaced with large modern homes. Just this year, it attained a median house price of $1 000 000. It certainly has won favour with people, especially families and easy access to local shops, services, Sydney Airport, City and Botany Bay.

The suburb did achieve some fame in 1987, when Mental as Anything filmed the video clip He's Just No Good for You in Scarborough Street, in which the residents were invited to all take part.


Plus Solander Street is home to the first villa complex built in NSW back in 1967, even before the suburb got its name.