Saturday, 1 August 2015

Property Advert of the Week: Land Release at Castle Hill (1967)

Last week, it was reported that 21 homeowners in Castle Hill have banded together to sell their homes to a single developer who could build apartments on the combined land.  Here is an ad for blocks of land for just 1695 pounds or about $3400 that were for sale in that area in 1967. Imagine the return had any of them bought in back then.

For our regular readers, in 1967, businesses still could advertise in pounds and pence as there was a two year transition period for pricing of goods and services following the introduction of the Australian Dollar in 1966.

  Castle Hill April 1 1967 Daily Telegraph 41

Source: Parkes Developments Pty. Ltd. 1967. "Castle Hill: Sydney's Executive Address (Advertisement)". The Daily Telegraph, April 1, 41.