About this Blog

You might be wondering what this blog is about?

My first blog entry gives you an overview, but I'm going into more depth as to what to expect.

I've presented this as a series of Frequently Answered Questions.

How did the idea come up?

I was an active poster in the Australian section of the Skyscrapercity Forums for over a decade. I was attracted to that forum initially because I was keen to find out more about buildings that were proposed for Sydney and never built. I met a forumer who works at Sydney City Council maintaining their scale model of the city. He was able to provide information about those projects and let me photograph the models.

As time wore on and discussion increased, I decided to go and seek some more details independently. This led me to the State Library of NSW and their microfische readers that let me read virtually any newspaper from any time in history. Once I started finding out this information, I posted it on the forums which was welcomed with interest. This broadened in more recent times into urban affairs, and general urban development of Sydney. However being a message board, that information gets lost easily and I need somewhere where it can be easily organised. I thought a blog would be a great idea, but also allows me to go into a little more depth.

What is the aim of the blog?

Apart from looking back at the past, the blog aims to explore as to why Sydney is the city that it is today and how it got there. I like others walk the streets of Sydney and wonder why it is the world city that it is.

I may not have the definite answers, but I hope to answer them as best as I can.

Also some people might whinge as to why decisions are made or how good or bad things are in our city. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that its not necessarily the first time that it has come up. History can repeat itself or we just go in circles.

This is presenting history in an informal form, not a formal form. If there is a topic that interests you or your doing research for school or university, I will always advise on consulting more academic resources like books and journals or making direct use of the newspaper articles featured. I've tried to reference them to help you access and use that information.

Why do I mostly see newspaper articles?

Newspaper articles are a primary source for historians in trying to account for how and why something happens. I've amassed a collection of scanned newspaper articles and instead of having them "gain dust" on my computer, I want to share them with the wider community. From time to time, I will refer to other sources like books, films and photographs.

How can I contribute?

Feel free to leave a comment under any of my postings as I love to hear your thoughts either good or bad. If you want to contribute your own item/s to the blog, please feel free to contact me at fabianamuso@hotmail.com

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