Monday, 22 June 2015

1965: Sydney Airport's International Terminal is conceived

Sydney Airport's current international terminal has loyally served the city since 1970. As the city has grown alongside that of air travel, it has been expanded several times. This week, I want to go back to when it was conceived. It was in 1965.

On April  1965, the Federal Government announced that a ten million pound (20 million dollar) international terminal would be built at Sydney Airport. The Federal Government had deemed as "Australia's major international airport" and the gateway to Australia. The new terminal would be capable of holding up to thirty two jets. Twenty would be accommodated within a "loading finger", while twelve would fit in an apron area.

It was aimed to have the terminal opened by no later than "early 1970", which they met.

The terminal was designed with future extensions in mind. This has helped it to grow and cement it as Australia's leading international airport. In 2014, 25.5. million passengers had accessed the international terminal.

Sydney Airport April 2 1965 daily telegraph 3

Source: Anonymous. 1965. "Sydney's Air Gateway to Australia; £10 million terminal by 1969". The Daily Telegraph, April 2, 3. 

In July 1965, renders were made public.

Sydney Airport July 7 1965 the leader 1-2 (1)

Source: Anonymous. 1965. "Exclusive: First Pictures; New jet terminal for city". The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader, July 3, 1 & 2.