Monday, 1 June 2015

1967: Rare photo of the view from level 43 of Park Regis

In 1968, the Park Regis building was completed, and was the first major highrise apartment tower to be built in the Sydney CBD. This week, I share a photo of the view from the tower when it was under construction in 1967, showing the spectacular view looking north from level 43. Obviously that view has been blocked as city towers rose in the decades that follow.

Park Regis November 4 1967 daily telegraph 3 

Source: Anonymous. 1967. "View from the 43rd floor". The Daily Telegraph, November 4, 3. 

I have managed to collect some material on the tower itself, yet have struggled to find reports relating to the initial proposal, so really at this stage I cannot provide a more comprehensive feature.

In the 1960's there was a push to encourage unit development in central Sydney which was largely commercial, particularly in the southern sections of the city. Unit development in the Sydney CBD didn't begin to gain momentum until the 1980's.

At the time of completion it did break some records for its time:

  • Tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere - 45 levels or 136 metres tall. It held the record until 1983 when the  47 level Peninsula Towers at Surfers Paradise, Queensland took the record by one metre (137 metres tall).
  • Second tallest building in Sydney after Australia Square Tower (46 levels, 170 metres tall).
  • Remained the tallest apartment tower in Sydney until 1996 when the 46 level (168 metre) The Peak Apartment tower was completed at Haymarket.
Even today, it still maintains a strong presence in midtown Sydney as these photos from my personal collection (or secret stash to friends) show.