Monday, 22 August 2016

1986: Last Double Decker bus service

In 1986, the last of Sydney's famous double decker buses had finally been pulled off commuter services in Sydney. But why did they get taken off?

Between 1970 and 1972, the State Government had purchased Atlentan Double Decker Buses to supplement the existing fleet of Sydney Buses, but there were several developments during that decade that would lead to the withdrawal of double decker buses:
  • Removal of conductors.
  • Allowing longer buses to operate on NSW Roads.
  • Introduction of articulated buses from 1979 to 1983.
On May 16, 1986 the final service ran from Wynyard to Taylors Point on Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

Source: Alibin, T. 1986. "Room at the top for a ride into history". The Sydney Morning Herald, May 17, 3.

Fast forward a quarter of a century later, and the State Government began to trial the use of double deckers on the city with Busways operating the buses on the Rouse Hill to Blacktown route. A year later, Hills Bus introduced double decker services on the M61 service from Rouse Hill to the city.

Recently, it was announced that the State Government would purchase eighty double deckers as part of increasing capacity but also for the advantage they have in navigating through congested city streets. They don't need the room an articulated bus has, yet can carry many more passengers.