Monday, 5 December 2016

1999: The Domain & Royal Botanic Gardens are reconnected

Photo taken by the Author (2015). 
This week, I focus on a little park right next to the Art Gallery of NSW which is quite popular with visitors. This is accessed via Art Gallery Road.

It was opened on January 12 1999 by NSW Premier Bob Carr as part of works on the Eastern Distributor, which opened to traffic in December 1999.

The park also happens to cross right over the Cahill Expressway, and reconnected The Domain and Royal Botanical Gardens for the first time in forty years.

Hence the bridge that crosses the Expressway is referred to as a "landbridge".

The cost of building the park amounted to $20 million and was critisied by the NSW opposition arguing the money needed to be spent on rural roads instead. Half of the costs of construction were to be covered by tolls from the Eastern Distributor with NSW taxpayers covering the rest.

But was it necessary if it improved the amenity of the area?  I think so.In fact its become a nice local lookout to admire the views east towards Kings Cross and Sydney Harbour. Some just see it as a place to just relax and let the world go by.

The landbridge itself also aids in accessing Woolloomooloo if going there by foot.

Eastern Distributor January 13 1999 daily telegraph 7

Source: Bissett, K. 1999. "Motorway canopy bridging gallery gap opened: $41 m cost of Edmund's new lawn". The Daily Telegraph, January 13, 7.