Monday, 22 September 2014

1997: The Millennium Train is born

millennium train novermber 10 1997 daily telegraph 17 

Source: Bissett, K. 1997. "New train pulls into the future." The Daily Telegraph, November 10, 17. 

In 1997, the push was on to have new trains in time for Sydney Olympics and to begin the replacement of the S-Set Trains. In November that year, Sydneysiders were introduced to what would become the Millennium Trains.

At the time it was one of three options, but what is disappointing about The Daily Telegraph article is that we only really see one option, the option that would ultimately be selected.

Sadly the trains were not ready in time for the Olympics. The delays were compounded by engineering problems during testing. It would be 2002 before the first Millennium trains hit the network. I for one did not get to ride on one until a year later.

A photo I took in June 2003 after riding it for the first time.
Currently they operate on the T2 and T3 lines serving the Southern, Inner West, Bankstown and East Hills lines. 141 Carriages were built.