Monday, 27 October 2014

1989: Kurnell's highrise tourism resort

In recent times, there have been plans to build new housing estates on the Kurnell Peninsula in Sydney's south and a major shopping centre. There are plenty of locals across the Sutherland Shire that aren't happy about it. But if you look at those plans and like others here, it looks quite conservative. Imagine high rise buildings stretching across Greenhills through to Boat Harbour. This would have included hotels, apartments, a hospital and sporting facilities including an eighteen hole Golf Course, Tennis and Equestrian centres.

  Kurnell 1989

Source: Cook, D. 1989. "Kurnell go-ahead." The Sydney Morning Herald. October 24, 29. 

It actually makes any proposed housing or industrial estates seem mild compared to this. Barely any mention too of the airport flight paths which do cross over the peninsula. I don't think that would impress tourists at all as they relax with a drink in hand on the sand.