Monday, 17 April 2017

1997: Plans for the Eastern Distributor are unveiled

Eastern Distributor April 10 1997 daily telegraph 

Source: Bissett, K. 1997. "Motorway sinks but toll will rise". The Daily Telegraph, April 10, 8

Did you know that it is 20 years ago this month that plans for the Eastern Distributor that we see today were unveiled?

While there had been calls for the entire road to be placed underground, attempts were made to make it appear more environmentally sensitive. This included sinking sections of the motorway under South Dowling Street and the landbridge connecting The Domain with the Royal Botanical Gardens

Opening was slated for 2000 (The Daily Telegraph), but was opened ahead of schedule in December 1999, sticking to the promised $3 toll.

ED plan 1997 April 15 smh

Source: Morris, L. 1997. "New $1bn plan for eastern M-way". The Sydney Morning Herald, April 15, 4.