Monday, 15 July 2019

1979: Opening of the Eastern Suburbs Railway Line - Additional Clippings

Back in 2014, I presented an entry to mark the 35th anniversary of the opening of the Eastern Suburbs Railway Line in 1979.

It recently turned 40. I look back at the original entry and recognised that there was some clippings that didn't appear in the original post that I had on file.

A good way to mark its 40th birthday.

The article below was from The Sun (June 25, 1979) and reported on teething problems as the line underwent its first peak hour test. The biggest hurdle was bus connections and changes to bus routes, which resulted in missed trains for some.

The Sunday Telegraph (June 24, 1979) was upbeat in its coverage.

The Sun Herald (June 24, 1979) focused on the proceedings at the official opening ceremony and carried an excellent picture of Premier Neville Wran cutting the ribbon.

Source: Stephens, T. 1979. "Century late but Premier still says Eastward Ho!". The Sun Herald, June 24: 5.

The Sydney Morning Herald (June 25) reported that at least 250 000 had traveled on trains on its opening weekend. Overcrowding on board trains and platforms was constant and even delays. Not even adding extra carriages was enough!!!

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