Monday, 6 July 2015

1991: Sydney's ugliest eyesores as seen by Ron Casey

I just want to keep it simple this week given that it is the school holidays and like every other teacher, should be enjoying it. I thought this was interesting given that the newspapers seem to enjoy putting a feature each year where they explore the eyesores that are found Sydney. The Sunday Telegraph decided to let radio presenter Ron Casey vent his spleen on his eyesores.

He identified the following as Sydney's eyesores:

  • The former Reschs Brewery site at East Redfern (now Moore Park Gardens) 
  • Taylor Square (everything bar Darlinghurst Courthouse).
  • George Street Entertainment Strip
  • The Monorail
  • Coopers & Lybrand Building (586 George Street)
  • Cahill Expressway
In 2015, what do you think Sydney's eyesores are?

Source: Hoyer, M. 1991. "Sydney's Ugliest Eyesores: As seen by Ron Casey - not an architect but he knows what he likes". The Sunday Telegraph, April 7: 14-15

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  1. Judging by his mug, he'd know a thing or two about ugly eyesores