Monday, 10 February 2020

1968: Highrise Swimming pools

Below is an article published in The Sun Herald on July 7 1968 on the construction of swimming pools in highrise buildings in Sydney.

Source: Anon. 1968. "Floating on top of skyscraper". The Sun Herald, July 7: 98. 

Park Regis which completed that year would house the highest swimming pool in Australia - 45 levels above ground.

Towards Circular Quay, the Travelodge Hotel at the corner of York and Margaret Streets' was building its own pool - 28 levels above the ground.

More than fifty years later, its standard for highrise hotel and apartment blocks to have a swimming pool on offer to its occupants. Some will offer views while others don't as they are located on the lower levels of the building.

Currently, the highest rooftop pool in Sydney is not the Park Regis, but the pool located in the penthouse atop the ANZ Centre in Pitt Street, completed in 2013.

The swimming pool atop the ANZ Centre as viewed from Sydney Tower. Photo taken by the author (2018). 
Today, the highest indoor swimming pool in Sydney is located on level 61 of World Tower, but they do have pools on two separate floors to cater for those residing in the lower sections of the tower.

The swimming pool and spa on level 61 of World Tower. Photo taken by the author (2004). 

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