Monday, 2 January 2017

Remember this: Airport Express Advertisement (1991)

For January, our weekly entries will focus quite simply on classic advertisements or moments in time.

Many like myself have left town for the summer, and some are about to head off. I will admit this was written well before I went away.

In fact today, I'll be in the air and contending with the challenges of flying including the fight to get to the airport.

This one does relate to holidays and travel. Here is a 1991 advertisement promoting the now-defunct Airport Express Bus service. Buses used to shuttle passengers between the Airport, City and Kings Cross.

The service was provided by the State Transit Authority/Sydney Buses. Following the opening of the Airport Rail Line in 2000, the service was discounted in 2001 with private operators providing door to door shuttles.

Compared to today, it would cost the equivalent of $10 single or $16 return which is pretty cheap. There is a push to operate more bus services to Sydney Airport to reduce congestion on the roads in the area.

Source: State Transit Authority. 1991. "Take off for Your Holiday on our Runway" (Advertisement). The Sunday Telegraph, December 22: 11.

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