Monday, 29 August 2016

1989: Vision for the Pyrmont Peninsula

As you can see, I enjoy sharing visions for Sydney and this one focuses on an 1989 clipping from The Sunday Telegraph where a vision for the Pyrmont Peninsula and the Bays Precinct is featured.

Glebe Island Bridge March 19 1989 sunday telegraph 135

Source: Flamstead, K. 1989. "An emerald vision for an eyesore". The Sunday Telegraph, March 19, 155.

Some points of interest:
  • The "Golden Gate" style bridge became a reality - ANZAC Bridge which was opened in 1995.
  • The City West Link made it as far as Lilyfield but Westconnex will now link the road with the M4 Motorway at Concord.
  • The White Bay intersection became a reality.
  • Residential Development has ended up being predominantly midrise with some highrises permitted. Some of the area has become public land.  
  • Proposed tourist developments never eventuated at Darling Island with office and apartment buildings built.
  • The old goods line became a light rail line in 1997. It initially went to Glebe, was extended to Lilyfield (2000) and then in 2014 to Dulwich Hill. 
  • There is no direct identification of which Grain Terminal (Pyrmont or Glebe Island) was going to be replaced with terrace typed housing. At Pyrmont, Apartment blocks were built and incorporated a public park. At Glebe Island, the silos are heritage listed.
  • Blackwattle Bay did get a marina which is home to Sydney's Super Yachts.
Planning is underway on the Bays Precinct which will focus on the redevelopment of the former Port at Glebe Island and the Sydney Fish Markets.