Saturday, 29 April 2017

Property Advert of the Week: C.A. Sanders & Co. (1971)

Here is a classic advertisement as promoting homes for sale by southern Sydney real estate agent - C.A. Sanders & Co from 1971.

  CA Sanders and Co Ad November 17 1971 The Leader page unknown

Source: C.A. Sanders & Co. (1971). Untitled (Advertisement). The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader, November 17: Page Unknown.

Monday, 24 April 2017

1970: The 747 arrives in Sydney

Source: Anonymous. 1970. Untitled (photograph). The Sydney Morning Herald, October 5: 1. 

On October 4, 1970, the first 747 jumbo jet landed at Sydney Airport before a crowd of 10 000 people.  It was the first 747 jet to land in Australia.

The PAN-AM flight from Los Angeles, via Honolulu and Nadi arrived approximately 6:30pm, more than nine and a half hours late due to mechanical problems with the jet. Its arrival would inaugurate PAN-AM's twice-weekly 747 services between Sydney and Los Angeles.

Source: Anon. 1970. Untitled (photograph). The Daily Telegraph, October 5: 1. 

Below is coverage of the arrival as seen by The Daily Telegraph on October 5, 1970. 

Qantas commenced 747 services the following year. The Boeing 747 jet like the Boeing 707's that came into operation just a decade earlier transformed the way that Sydneysiders travel around the world. While the objective by airlines like PAN-AM was to reduce congestion at airports, it had cost benefits for airlines. It could carry up to twice the number of passengers that a 707 could carry. The cost of flying would fall opening up more opportunities for Sydneysiders to see the world, within their budgets.

Earlier in 1970, the International Terminal opened in its current location on the western side of the airport, and the design of the terminal accommodated for the new jets. It also led to the extension of the North-South Runway out into Botany Bay. 

Aircraft noise was already a huge issue in suburbs surrounding the airport, especially in Rockdale. The 747's were noted as being much quieter than 707's. However, the problem would not disappear but worsen as the airport grew in the decades to come and air traffic increased. Up to eighty planes land per hour at Sydney Airport today. 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Property Advert of the Week: Shepherd Meadows - Toongabbie (1973)

Here is one from Long Industries Homes (now Long Homes) from 1973 featuring the Australiana series which was on display at Toongabbie.

Long Industries Ad April  7 1973 daily telegraph 39

Source: Long Industries Homes. 1973. "Shepherd Meadows" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph, April 7: 39. 

Monday, 17 April 2017

1997: Plans for the Eastern Distributor are unveiled

Source: Bissett, K. 1997. "Motorway sinks but toll will rise". The Daily Telegraph, April 10: 8

Did you know that it is 20 years ago this month that plans for the Eastern Distributor that we see today were unveiled?

While there had been calls for the entire road to be placed underground, attempts were made to make it appear more environmentally sensitive. This included sinking sections of the motorway under South Dowling Street and the landbridge connecting The Domain with the Royal Botanical Gardens

The opening was slated for 2000 (The Daily Telegraph) but was opened ahead of schedule in December 1999, sticking to the promised $3 toll.

Source: Morris, L. 1997. "New $1bn plan for eastern M-way". The Sydney Morning Herald, April 15: 4. 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Property Advert of the Week: Peninsula Apartments Pyrmont (1998)

Large week, it was split level townhouses that one could buy in 1998 on the north shore if you wanted compact without losing the bigness of a home, but if you wanted to be close to the city, you could choose a "super large" apartment in the Peninsula Apartment Complex at Pyrmont.

  Peninsula Apartments Pyrmont June 11 1998 SMH 17RE

Source: Sydney Prime Realty. 1998. "Peninsula apartments; Living Large". The Sydney Morning Herald, June 11: 17RE (Real Estate Liftout). 

Monday, 10 April 2017

1965: The Royal Easter Show Official Opening + additional find from the 1992 show

On Saturday, the Royal Easter Show was officially opened by the Governor General of Australia - Sir Peter Cosgrove and is the pinnacle event of the show when the best of Australian agriculture is put on show with those assembled in the Main Arena treated to a spectacular procession. The Grand Parade has been held annually since 1907. In 1965, the Duke of Gloucester was on hand to officially open the show, making him the first member of the Royal Family to open a show since 1824. Here is a report from the April 15, 1965 edition The Daily Telegraph of the Official Opening. We are also treated a picture of the formations from the parade, one tradition that still holds to this very day.


I hope you enjoyed last weeks insights into the 1992 Royal Easter Show, but I felt this article should also be shared from 1992. The recession was still biting hard on peoples pockets. It was being reported that more people were passing through the gates, but spent less once inside the gates.


Source: Thorpe, D. 1992. "It's Showtime". The Sunday Telegraph, April 12: 7. 

But on a positive, people did their homework before buying their show bags. A very handy tip if you want to get bags with good stuff at a good price!!!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Property Advert of the Week: Pemberley Grove, St Ives (1998)

This week we head up to St Ives, where split level townhouses were on offer in 1998 at the Pemberley Grove complex in Shinfield Avenue.

Permberly Grove St Ives June 13 1998 SMH 10RE

Here is a Google Earth link to view the complex from the street. 

Source: AustLand. 1998. "Pemberley Grove" (Advertisement). The Sydney Morning Herald, June 13: 10RE (Real Estate Liftout). 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Royal Easter Show Flashback: 1992

Source: Royal Agricultural Society of NSW. 1992. "There's No Time Like Showtime" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph Mirror, April 8: 46.

The 2017 Royal Easter Show commences on Thursday at the Sydney Showgrounds at Sydney Olympic Park.

Let's look back at the highlights from the 1992 Royal Easter Show.

It was the sixth last show held at Moore Park (1997 was its final year) as planning continued towards the eventual relocation of the showgrounds. Newspapers provided very valuable coverage of the events from the Easter Show including the preview guides.

Dates: April 10 - April 21, 1992

Admission & Transport:

Easter Show Preview April 8 1992 daily telegraph (2) - Showlink Page 46

Source: Cityrail. 1992. "Cheap Thrills" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph Mirror, April 8: 46

Adults: $13 (Showlink - From $14.00). This was $1.50 more than 1991.
Children: $7 (Showlink - From $ 8.00)
Students & Pensioners: $10 (Showlink from $11.00)

Family discounts applied if there was a second child etc if attending as a family. They went in for free!!!

Showlink Tickets for the first time allowed show goers to use either (or a combination of) buses, trains and ferries to travel to and from the show. Paying just an extra dollar for public transport provided an incentive for people to leave the car at home. I remember my parents driving to the show that year and the car parks in Moore Park were packed to the brim as usual.

It may appear to be more affordable to the average person, but remember you could purchase either a show entry ticket only or the all in one ticket. Today each person must pay a flat admission charge which includes public transport to and from the show on all modes.

This year, an adult will be charged $41.50 for Easter Show admission (up $1 from 2016) but is lower if booked online. Purchase your ticket before Wednesday and you will pay just $37.

  • Royal Easter Show street parade on opening day through central Sydney. 
  • No guest nation for 1992. 
  • Human Cannonball spectacular featuring Michael and Carolyn Vandeleur. This was the first time such an act had been done since 1966 at the show. I remember seeing human cannonballs at the 2007 show. 
  • New XPT Xplorer cars on display (advertisement below). 
  • Jimmy Barnes performing on the closing night. 
  • The Grand Parade. 
  • Peter West Stunt Spectacular
Easter Show Preview April 8 1992 daily telegraph (4) - XPT Explorer Ad Page 50

Source: Countrylink. 1992. "See the Xplorer that's going to be more famous than Captain Cook" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph Mirror, April 8: 50. 

In 2017, there are 380 bags available (up from 300+ last year), and all viewable on the Easter Show website. The choices can be overwhelming today, but in 1992, many options were there. Showbags in 2017 will sell for as high as $30. Bertie Beetle was and still is $2 though you can choose from several other Bertie Beetle Bags that retail for up to $15. There are two show bag advertisements that I've included for you to get a feel of what was available.

Source: Anon. 1992. "A Selection of Nestles Top 20 Showbags" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph Mirror, April 8: 47.

Source: Anon. 1992. "A Selection of Nestles Top 20 Showbags" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph Mirror, April 8: 48.

Source: Triple M. 1992. "The Triple M Showbag" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph Mirror, April 8: 48.

Source: Anon. 1992. "Super Hero Stand. Your One Stop Shop" (Advertisement). The Sunday Telegraph, April 5, 139.

Key Statistics

According to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald on April 22, 1992
  • Total attendance was approximately 900 000 which was similar to 1991. Note that less than 750 000 attended in 2016, which was the lowest attendance in a generation. 
  • 118 000 attended on Good Friday. 
  • 6700 metres of hot dogs (down 700 metres from 1991). 
  • 40.7 tonnes of chips 
  • 5000 cubic metres was garbage was collected. 
As a bonus, I have a map of the showgrounds for the 1992 Royal Easter Show which was published in The Daily Telegraph Mirror in their preview guide on April 8.

Easter Show Preview April 8 1992 daily telegraph (3) - Easter Show Map - Page 48

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Property Advert of the Week: Presidio Newtown (1999)

This week we head over to Newtown where a one bedroom apartment in the Presido complex would cost you just $198 000 in 1999.

Presideo Targets June 5 1999 SMH 19RE

Source: Anon. 1999. "Presidio" (Advertisement). The Sydney Morning Herald,  June 5: 19RE (Real Estate Liftout).