Saturday, 29 September 2018

Property Advert of the Week: Citivilla (1997)

Below is an advertisement promoting apartments in the Citivilla Tower in George Street (right on the intersection with Campbell Street) at Haymarket. Apartments were on sale from $195 000 in 1997.

Source: Country Store Pty. Ltd. 1997. "Citivilla" (Advertisement). The Sydney Morning Herald, November 22: 28RE (Real Estate Liftout). 

Monday, 24 September 2018

SERIES: The Evolution of the Citigroup Centre - Plans unveiled for Waltons Site redevelopment (1982)

Apart from World Square, there is one other city site where redevelopment proved to be a very long saga.

2 Park Street is home to the Citigroup Centre a 48 level tower that rises over the former Waltons Department store site.

Today, the building and the site are very well ingrained on our city streetscape. One can walk past yet forget the drama faced just to get a building on this site.

Growing up in the 1990s, I was used to one sight - hoardings, which hid one of the biggest "holes in the ground" in the city.

But how did we end up with the building that we see today along with the Galeries Victoria?

The story begins in 1982. Alan Bond had purchased the Waltons Department Store Chain and Norman Ross.

The flagship store on Park Street at Town Hall comprised of seven buildings including the Town Hall Hotel. Bond wanted the store in simply one building.

Source: Robertson, R. 1982. "New department store will boost jobs: The City's first for 50 years". The Sydney Morning Herald, September 1: 2. 

Donald Crone was commissioned to design a new store to replace the previous store, but also provide a retail complex and office tower. Plans were unveiled in August 1982 for the site. Apart from a new Waltons Store, there would be 90 shops, restaurant, tavern and 28 storey office building to house the headquarters of Bond Waltons (Waltons and Norman Ross). The estimated cost was $100 million and would be completed by 1985.

A clearer copy of the Artists Impression as featured in The Sydney Morning Herald article (above) from September 1, 1982.
The tower was to be placed on the Southeastern corner of the site at the intersection of Park and Pitt Street.

Approval was granted in January 1983.

Source: Coultan, C. 1983. "Council gets $2m...Waltons gets shopping centre". The Sydney Morning Herald, January 28: 2. 

As time wore on, Alan Bond had bigger plans brewing. The proposed building heights increased to 35 and then 43 levels.

Next Week, we will look at his most ambitious proposal - Skytower.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Property Advert of the Week: Leslie Homes Exhibition Village, Baulkham Hills (1971)

Below is a 1971 advertisement from The Daily Telegraph promoting the Leslie Homes Exhibition Village at Baulkham Hills.

Source: Leslie Homes. Pty. Ltd. 1971. Untitled (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph, March 20: 52. 

I believe that this is the approximate location of the homes on Seven Hills Road (based on the map) which still stand today. 

Monday, 17 September 2018

MILESTONE: Warringah Expressway turns 50

Source: Anon. 1968. "The Super Road That Opens Today". The Daily Telegraph, June 18: 3.

In June, the Warringah Expressway turned fifty without any fanfare. But there was some fanfare when it opened on June 18, 1968, by NSW Governor Sir Roden Cutler.

The first stage was from the Bradfield Highway at North Sydney through to Miller Street, Cammeray. It was extended to Willoughby Road in 1978.

It was envisioned that the Warringah Expressway would be extended through to Balgowlah and Frenchs Forest. However, the NSW Government is determined that this will be fulfilled through the proposed tunnel under Middle Harbour to the Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation at Balgowlah.

Younger people are used to a major road opening early on a Monday morning. How about a new road opening during the day on a Tuesday? Sydneysiders were able to drive home on the new road.

Source: Anon. 1968. "New Expressway Speeds City Traffic". The Daily Telegraph, June 19: 3.

For the opening brochures explaining the traffic flow arrangements were provided to motorists, along with newspaper advertisements (see below)

Source: Anon. 1968. "Warringah Expressway". The Daily Telegraph, June 18: 10.

I have included enlargements of the arrangements below:

There were some teething problems associated with traffic approaching the freeway as The Sun reported on June 19, 1968.

But overall they seemed happy.

And a photo spread from the June 19, 1968 edition of The Daily Mirror. 

Page One of The Sydney Morning Herald on June 19, 1968had another good photo taken during the evening peak from opening night.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Property Advert of the Week: Grovewood Home Corporation (1985)

In 1985, you could build on a block of land for just under $60 000, build a home with a mix or urban and rural design features.

Source: Grovewood Home Corporation Pty. Ltd. 1985 "Town and Country Living" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph, August 23: 28.

Monday, 10 September 2018

1990: NSW Government Proposal for outer Sydney rail line

With plans to extend the Leppington Rail Line to connect the new airport at Badgerys Creek to the existing rail network and possible extension through to St Marys, I came across an article from 1990 when the Greiner Government explored an option that is quite similar to the current plans.

It would run from St Marys to Campbelltown via Badgerys Creek.

Source: James, B. 1990. "Growth Suburbs Rail Link". The Daily Mirror, January 2: 7.

The current plans however would not see it extended through to Campbelltown, but rather to Narellan which is currently not served by rail.

2014-05-04 swrl-extension-corridor-map

Source: Transport Sydney. 2017. "Untitled" (Map). Transport Sydney (Accessed September 3, 2018).

As for a real connection to Campbelltown, while not explored, a Y link could be built at Glenfield to allow for direct services from Campbelltown.

The Labor Party however would look at a through link to Campbelltown (perhaps via Narellan?). This would also connect to the soon to be completed Sydney Metro Line from Rouse Hill to Chatswood.

Source: The Daily Telegraph. 2017. Untitled (map). The Daily Telegraph, (Accessed September 3, 2018).

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Property Advert of the Week: Dockside Balmain (2000)

Below is an advertisement for the Dockside Balmain complex, which was part of the redevelopment of the former Unilever site at Rozelle. Apartments were on sale from $370 000.

Source: CB Richard Ellis. 2000. "Dockside Balmain" (Advertisement). The Sydney Morning Herald, June 10: 23A (Domain Apartments Liftout).

Monday, 3 September 2018

Birth of Thursday Night Shopping III (1971): Newspaper Advertisements

In this third entry on the Birth of Thursday Night shopping in Sydney, I would like to share some of the advertisements that featured in the afternoon dailies - The Daily Mirror & The Sun.

Parts one and two focus on coverage from selected newspapers.

The shopping centre chains ran their own advertisements inviting shoppers to take advantage of the extra trading hours.


Lend Lease Shopping Centres


I also found advertisements from retailers promoting Thursday Night trading along with their Christmas offerings from 1971.

Grace Bros

David Jones








Nock & Kirbys

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Property Advert of the Week: Bonnyrigg land packages by Wimpey Homes (1985)

In 1985, Wimpey Homes had blocks of land on sale at Bonnyrigg for around $27 500. The median house price is nearly $800 000 today which is an excellent return.

Source: George Wimpey Australia Pty. Ltd. 1985. "Land Bonnyrigg" (Advertisement). The Daily Telegraph, August 23: 28.